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JUNE 2014: George Maiorana’s C-133A Cargomaster was awarded Toledo’s Best of Show for its authenticity and accuracy. Witness George’s C-133A and more incredible models in the June issue through the lens of Greg Cardillo in a special eight-page feature. Thayer Syme reviews the new Multiplex Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter. In a special first of two part article, Wallace Louie introduces us to his original A-10 Thunderbolt II, uniquely designed for a single, small and economical JetCat P-60 turbine. The popularity of quadcopters is on the rise and this month Thayer reviews the Heli-Max 230Si quad, while Jim Wiggin looks at the Estes Proto X. Jim Vigani reviews the new E-flite Extra 330SC BP 3D and enjoys some unlimited aerobatics and 3D flying. All of these great articles, plus your favorite columns, are in the June issue of FLYING MODELS.

Flying Models - June 2014

Vol. 119 No. 6/882

This Month's Features

18 Planes of the Toledo Weak Signals Show 2014 by FM Staff
60 years strong–talented modelers and their models

26 A-10 Thunderbolt II by Wallace Louie
Part 1 of a 2 part series on building a turbine scale model

34 Multiplex Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter by Thayer Syme
An FM Product Review: A fun model ready for your next adventure

40 Heli-Max 230Si & Estes Proto X by Thayer Syme & Jim Wiggin
An FM Product Review: Eyes in the sky made easy and affordable

46 E-flite Extra 300SC BP 3D by Jim Vigani
An FM Product Review: Balsa built-up profile aerobatics

54 Torquette by Dale Kirn
An FM Blast from the Past: An easy 1⁄2A bipe for C/L speed

57 Tales of a Santa Cruz Mk. III by Ray Boyd/Eric Strengell
Coming Home to Free Flight with a modern classic


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32 Engine break-in basics
C/L Combat by Phil Cartier

38 Care and charging of today’s LiPo batteries
Electric Flight by Don Belfort

44 Servo tips and model storage
Small Talk by Pat Tritle

50 Lightweight wheel secrets for your models
F/F Sport by Dave Mitchell

52 The real C rating of LiPo batteries
Fan Facts by Greg Moore

58 Readers write on the Galloping Ghost
Vintage Views by Bob Noll

60 Using the rudder and elevator Pmix effectively
Aerobatics by Dave Lockhart


On The Cover

Flying Models MagazineTurning from base onto final, the Multiplex Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter eases in for another perfect landing. Thayer Syme reviews this fun utilitarian, sport scale model starting on page 34. PHOTO BY THAYER SYME


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