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Henry Carstens

Thayer Syme
(973) 383-3355

Associate Editor
Jim Wiggin

Production Editor
Maureen Frazer
(973) 383-3355

Don Belfort
Allen Brickhaus
Phil Cartier
Larry Kruse
Dave Lockhart
Mike Myers
Stew Meyers
Greg Moore
Bob Noll
Don Ross
Pat Tritle

Director of Advertising
John Earley
(973) 383-3355

Advertising Sales Manager
Pieter Uptegrove
(973) 383-3355

Director of Marketing
George Riley
(434) 390-6924

Book Acquisitions Manager
Chris Lane

Reader Service
Lynn Good
(973) 383-3355

Dealer Service
Cathy Streeter
(973) 383-3355

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Newton, NJ 07860

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Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time.


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